Our mission is to extend people's ability to keep in touch with their families,friends,colleagues and business partners around the world.We will work to actively develop advanced networks that will enable people to develop,learn and grow and to become a leading contributor to Bangladesh's development drive.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer support is ready to provide support over phone and receive complains to fix problems as soon as possible.

Stable Network

99% Up Time.

Amazing Features of Internet Services

Here at Mux Technologies we never compromise with quality and Services. All of our Engineers and Technicians are fully dedicated to make our clients happy. We spend a significant amount of time continuously to improve our level of services that we provide to our customers. Some of the amazing features are mentioned here.

  • Multiple Upstream
  • All network POPs have strong power backup
  • 99% Up Time
  • Gigabit Network
  • Incredible data speeds
  • Low Latency
Our Internet Connectivity & Customer Support
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Internet Connectivity

Mux provides Internet through FTTX (Fiber to the X) technology. You will get lightning speed perfect for all of your browsing, downloading, streaming and gaming needs.

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Customer Support

We have an extensive knowledge of the issues that arise from our clients. Currently, we provide Internet and IT enabled services to our clients. Our engineers are ready to solve problems related to our Internet and IT enabled Services.

why choose us?


  • Work from Office, home and shop online with ease.
  • Connect multiple users and devices.
  • Stream multiple HD movies.
  • Play online games with low latency.
  • Innovative Technology

    Mux is connected with Multiple upstream through optical fiber backbone.Mux was built with highly reliable service as our #1 objective. Customers connected through FTTX technology will have their data transported on a 100% Fiber Optic network, which maximizes the possible speed.

    Video Conferencing

    A+ Internet quality for Office works, online classes and meetings.

    Troubleshoot & Support

    Office and home network related issues like slow internet speeds and buffering videos are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose. This is because there are a variety of factors that can affect WiFi connectivity and it isn’t always possible to get to the root cause of the problem unless Engineers have useful diagnostics about the office & home network. Our Engineers are capable to solve any kind of network issues within short time.

    Intro Video

    Video featuresMux Internet

    Our existing customers have come to know about our internet service and you will also come to know after getting connected with us. With continued investment in technology innovations, Mux is aiming to consistently improve the speed and quality of internet service. Mux internet service is available for Office, School, business and residential customer.

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    our plans

    For Residence

    500 Taka
    per month
    • 20 Mbps
    • No Data Limit
    • 24/7 over phone Support
    800 Taka
    per month
    • 40 Mbps
    • No Data Limit
    • 24/7 over phone Support
    1000 Taka
    per month
    • 60 Mbps
    • No Data Limit
    • 24/7 over phone Support
    1200 Taka
    per month
    • 72 Mbps
    • No Data Limit
    • 24/7 over phone Support
    1500 Taka
    per month
    • 90 Mbps
    • No Data Limit
    • 24/7 over phone Support
    our plans

    For Office and Business

    Please call us for price